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130 W Randolph

Approximate 2500 sq.ft of Professional office space

Renovated to modern design and in a good physical condition

Occupant (Encompass) pays $1,850 per month rent to Owner (Evans) and pays all expenses for the entire building, both levels

130 1/2 W Randolph

Approximate 2500 sq.ft. private residential Loft

Private parking garage in the rear with access to a private elevator

Renovated to modern code/compliance, very good condition

The 2nd level hot water tank also services the lower office area bathroom

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Great Room 2
Master Suite 2

5,000 sf Approximate Gross Building Area

The great thing is that you can depreciate the office portion, and the lower level rent pays for the building and the monthly utilities and annual expenses.

Encompass (Tom) is willing to stay and lease the lower portion, or will move if needed.

Existing furniture for both levels is available to buyer subject to discussion and negotiation.

Pricing is based on square foot cost of $60/sf for first level/commercial space and $120/sf for second level/residential loft for a combined asking price of $90 per square foot.

Call Tom Evans for any questions or to schedule an appointment:   580-430-8106